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Hello Port Merion fans! September was the month of beauty in SL...We had some fierce competition for the Beauty of SL photo contest! First place went to Sky Ampan with a gorgeous photo of a loving couple in the water. She has won a months free rent at Port Merion and $1,000 Lindens! Second place was wyrdwolf legion with a beautiful view of the foilage in SL, he has won $750 Lindens! Third place went to Fiz Laval's photo of an amazing waterfall, she won $500 Lindens! Thank you to all the entrants! This month the theme is.....you guessed it SPOOKY SL!!!!! The prizes will be $1500L for first,$750L for second and $500L for third. So get out there and snap some pics of those spooky graveyards...scary mazes and frightening haunted houses!Speaking of haunted houses, Port Merion's staff has created an awesome haunted house complete with spiders and ghosts galore! Stop by for a tour and keep on the lookout for the fun Halloween events throughout the month!Rumor has it there will be a big Halloween bash to show off your best ghoulish getup! Be seeing you!!

Port Merion Update

Hello Villagers! This months photo contest has begun. The theme is, The Beauty of SL. Take those pics and send them in to FLutter. The grand prize is 1000 Lindens and a months rental in beautiful Port Merion. Last months contest brought so many beautiful and interesting photos of our lovely village. We look forward to seeing all the beauty SL has to offer displayed for your votes. Fishing will resume next week, as well as trivia. Let's keep the fun going, invite your friends! Be Seeing You!

Weekend Update

The weekend is upon us. So much to see and do in Port Merion. Our photo contest has drawn quite a few entries. The village is depicted in many different ways and our villagers have been stopping by to cast their votes. Now that we are in the showcase and seeing even more visitors to the sim the ideas involving RP are taking shape. We look forward to your thoughts on this exciting new aspect to Port Merion. Summer is winding down, look for fall to slowly work it's way into the village in the coming weeks! Make sure to check out our events calendar for all the latest happenings! Be Seeing You!


Port Merion is on the SHOWCASE! Thanks to the hard working staff, our lovely village is featured on SL's showcase page. Congrats to everyone for their dedication and determination. The Prisoner is coming to life on the sim as we work towards developing a core storyline and guests and staff alike are getting excited at the prospect! We have a happy couple staying on the sim today. Siam and Stephane are sure to enjoy all the amenities Port Merion has to offer! The photo contest is still going on, so many beautiful views of our lovely village, come down and vote for your favorite today! Fishing tournaments are happening every Tuesday and Thursday, quite a draw to the sim. There is always something fun to try here in beautiful Port Merion SL.

Port Merion News!

Hi Everyone! We are slowly working our way into role play with our new resident number 27. Please welcome her to the Village! It will be interesting to see how the role play develops. The staff are always working to make Port Merion as authentic as possible and having number 27 is a wonderful new step! Lot's of exciting things happening, trivia contests, fishing events and our newest endeavor, a photo contest! Everyone is invited to enter a photo of our lovely village for review. Winners will recieve cash prizes and the grand prize is $1000L and a months free rental! Make sure to stop by and cast your vote for your favorite photo, or, enter your own! Be Seeing You.

Greetings all

Welcome to Port Merion. Beware Rover. Be Seeing You!
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